4D database design and development

Objective Systems provides 4D database design, development and implementation services

Leveraging several decades of 4D experience, we design and develop new client databases, support client legacy applications, and provide data migration and warehousing tools and repositories. Our projects range from single-user, stand-alone databases to multi-user, client-server, enterprise-wide applications.

4D developers consult on database design

Why 4D?

In our experience, 4D provides a lower cost of entry and faster application development time. 4D database design provides the flexibility of multiple deployment options, including standalone applications, client-server mode or browser-based implementations, and cloud-based iOS functionality. Additionally, third-party APIs make it easy for two-way communication with classic business systems such as DocuSign, QuickBooks, PayPal, and others.

custom database

Improve efficiency

Improve database efficiency by aligning with business rules and workflows. Work with a dedicated team of expert database programmers to customize functionality without adding unnecessary features.

4D consultants and partners

Collaborate with developers

Collaborate with 4D developers with decades of industry-specific experience. Benefit from flexible support options, including subscription licensing, monthly maintenance contracts, and project-based fees.

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Extend capabilities

Maintain your current data while allowing for affordable upgrades with a flexible 4D platform. Extend your system’s capabilities while replacing obsolete code and third-party components. Get expert guidance on options for your legacy data and systems based on your business model and needs.

Our approach to 4D projects

Higher quality solutions for a lower cost with an iterative development process

Your team will stay well-informed and involved through the successful completion of your project. Our agile methodologies allow for adjustments for changing business needs – this iterative approach to database development increases quality and decreases costs for your project.

Keep projects on schedule and within budget with a dedicated project manager

Keep your projects moving along on schedule and within budget with the expert guidance and oversight of a dedicated project manager. Reduce risk — to your business and to system quality — with well-defined project milestones, deliverables, and schedules.

Quick turnaround times with a responsive approach to projects

Get issues resolved quickly by leveraging our expert team of database developers available any time your business requires. You can expect a timely response to requests with an expected timeline for resolution.

4D expertise at your fingertips

Our team of 4D database consultants have decades of custom database programming and client support experience. Translating business requirements into database capabilities and functionality means enhanced productivity for you and your team.

4D designer programs database

4D developers with industry-specific experience

Our team members have implemented 4D design solutions for a variety of clients, and worked on a variety of projects:

    • Accounting systems
    • Development and project management of databases and database solutions for small businesses and enterprises
    • Enterprise systems, custom desktop and web applications
    • Vertical market products
    • Inventory, warehousing and contact management solutions

Our clients

Need urgent help with a 4D database issue?

For immediate assistance with database restoration of backup, data repair, or extraction of records, contact us directly by text or phone: 800-484-6683.
For non-urgent requests, send us a message via the contact form.

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