Services We Provide

servicesWe offer a comprehensive set of services related to development and implementation of databases and accounting systems.

Database Services

Working with you, our consultants thoroughly examine the processes, data items and business rules for the system under development. This information is captured, using Erwin or similar modeling tools, as a data model, which later serves as the starting point for further database design and development in the eventual implementation platform (Oracle, SQL Server, 4th Dimension or another database system).

Our consultants are proven experts in their respective skill areas, drawing upon senior-level development experience, training and certification in multiple database platforms and associated reporting tools, utilities, plug-ins and third-party add-on products. Our experience includes Oracle products, and extends to SQL Server and 4th Dimension. With respect to 4D, we have used it virtually since its initial release. Our 4D implementations include traditional client-server applications using 4D alone, multi-tier architectures where 4D is integrated with Oracle, and web based sites with 4D as the web server and database. See our Clients page for more detailed project descriptions.

We also provide the following hybrid solutions:

1) Custom developed e-commerce site in 4D/Active4D

  • Requires licensing to web serve, SSL certificate, development, hardware, static IP, domain registration and management, etc.
  • Fully customizable and entirely in 4D
  • High up-front cost of development and takes some time to get developed, tested, and up and running
  • Can utilize “Free” payment processing (PayPal, Google checkout) or other paid solutions (Verisign, etc)

2) Hosted e-commerce site (Yahoo shopping, GoDaddy, etc)

  • Fast time to market, online set up, and management
  • Monthly fees, possibly commissions
  • Limited customizations
  • They host

3) Licensed e-commerce software (x-cart, productcart, etc)

  • Fast time to market, online setup and management
  • Fully customizable
  • License costs can be high

4) Hybrid 4D/SQL database & shopping cart (synchronize 4D data to another SQL  database)

Web Services

Your online presence can be essential to the successful of your organization. Whether your require only a straight-forward page that lets users know the essentials of your operation and directs them to contact you for more information; or your website is an integral part of your daily processing, our consultants can help. See our clients page for more detailed project descriptions.

Accounting Integration

Our consultants bring years of experience in implementing automated accounting systems. Whether your needs range from an off the shelf commercial product, such as QuickBooks® or MYOB®, though more sophisticated, multi-user products such as AcctVantage® and 4th Quarter Accounting®, up to custom software solutions, we can help you with the selection, installation, training and maintenance of your system.

When possible, we recommend standard accounting systems appropriate to the size of your organization, that are integrated with your operational software, thus providing single entry of accounting information. We have extensive experience with time billing and job cost systems, both standard and custom. We also understand the special accounting needs of nonprofit organizations.

Whether you are automating for the first time or converting to a new system, we will work closely with you and your accountant to insure that the accounting system is properly setup and installed. We can train your users and can help you through many of the daily and periodic processes that are a part of the normal accounting cycle.

Implementation Services

At the beginning of each software development project — regardless of its scope — obtaining a full understanding of the project’s business objective is of utmost importance. To this end, Objective Systems works with your subject-matter experts to discover and document detailed system requirements. Our consultants are highly skilled in this area; we know what questions to ask and which topics to cover.

Depending on the nature of the project, consultants may invoke use case analysis and object-oriented techniques to ensure that requirements are user-focused. Tools such as Rational ROSE and UML (the Unified Modeling Language) are used to capture and model business and system requirements in an industry-standard fashion. Your review of these documents gives us vital feedback and allows us to fine-tune the requirements before system design begins.

After software installation, Objective Systems provides training, mentoring and ongoing support, onsite or remotely through tools such as Timbuktu, Remote Desktop, Logmein or WebEx.

Objective Systems consultants draw upon decades of management experience to keep each project moving along on schedule and within budget. The overall goal of the Project Manager is to reduce risk — to your business and to system quality. To that end, the Project Manager defines project milestones, deliverables and schedules, then proactively seeks to ensure they are met.

At a loss for words? As during all other project phases, the architecture and design of the system is fully documented and reviewed with you before proceeding. A prototype of the system is developed to allow you to participate in design of the system — its windows and navigational flow. For projects that are significantly complex in terms of architecture and design, logical and architectural views of the system may be developed using Rational Rose. For database-related projects, ER diagrams showing the logical and physical database schemas are produced using ERwin or similar tools. The final deliverables of this phase are one or more design documents that lead to rapid development of a high-quality system.

Architecture and Design Approach

Based on the complete requirements specification, your system must be designed to meet the budget, timeframe, existing legacy interfaces and other project constraints that exist. Objective Systems’ approach to architecture selection is objective; we assess all relevant alternative technologies, from COTS (commercially available, off the shelf) products to custom solutions. Our recommendations balance the appeal of leading-edge technologies against the practicalities of business need, system longevity and return-on-investment. The resulting system is more likely to meet your short-term objectives and give you some room to grow.

Development Methodology

For longer-term projects, Objective Systems follows a development approach that is both iterative and incremental. This well-known, industry-standard and highly successful project methodology creates the system in multiple, rapidly occurring “iterations” of the software development life cycle — that is, analysis, design, development and testing. Each iteration gives you more opportunity for feedback, and us for system fine-tuning. Over the life of the system, an iterative approach to development tends to increase quality and decrease costs.