About Us

Objective Systems LLC was formed in 2000 to offer clients a team approach coupled with an appropriate layer of project management. As a result, we have attracted an array of clients both large and small in diverse industries. Our clients like our approach because we pair the developer with the client to insure the best and most direct communication. The result is that the developer and the client achieve a sense of responsiveness and commitment to ongoing projects.

Our consultants are proven experts in their respective skill areas, drawing upon senior-level development experience, training and certification in multiple database platforms and associated reporting tools, utilities, plug-ins and third-party add-on products.

Including Oracle products, our experience extends to SQL Server and 4th Dimension. With respect to 4D, we have used it virtually since its initial release. 4D implementations include traditional client-server applications using 4D alone, multi-tier architectures where 4D is integrated with Oracle, and web based sites with 4D as the web server and database.

We also provide essential DBA-oriented tasks to support and maintain database systems:

  • Query analysis and code optimization to improve performance
  • Software installation/upgrades, including data conversion if necessary;
  • Security design and maintenance for both the database and network software — design, implement and maintain a user/password hierarchy that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data

See our client page for more detailed project descriptions.