Database Services

Welcome to Objective Systems LLC, a professional consulting firm providing senior-level, focused software development and implementation services. Specializing in database design and development, our business resources are available nationwide giving us the ability to respond to virtually anybody at anytime. When you partner with Objective Systems, be assured that you have the power of 4D at your side.

Web-Enabled Databases

We specialize in web-enabled databases. Whether it’s a simple “greeting card” website or a fully interactive site requiring database integration, we provide design, development, and implementation services.

Data Synchronization

We are also expert in data synchronization where we use a special component to synchronize databases on either a wide area network or LAN.

Accounting Integration

We provide assistance with implementation of commercially available accounting products, to provide links to your existing applications for full accounting integration. In addition, we are a reseller for a full-featured accounting system that can serve as a standalone product or be “bolted on” to your database.

Our Consultants

Because our consultants have direct experience in many industries, at Objective Systems, we recognize that project success depends equally on technical and business factors.

Business Sectors

We have experience in many business sectors — professional and trade associations, logistics and transportation, medical, investment and real estate, and more. Chances are we already understand your enterprise before the project begins.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please read on to see how Objective Systems can provide service to your organization’s next software project.